example 02

The process already described is employed in the design of a specific project: a transportation node + shopping mall downtown St. Louis. The ‘node’ connects two metro stations and the train station and at the same time hosts a shopping mall. The building is developed in analogy to the human body: organs/bones/skin. The organs become the enclosed spaces, the bones the structural system and the skin an outer membrane that wraps the other two. The project is employing the latest building technology with a fiber-carbon structure and ETFE pillows for the outer skin.

[exterior perspective]

[interior perspective; the stairs from the train station to the shopping mall]

[view of the train station]

[interior perspective; the shopping mall]

[view of the trai station]

[plan; first level]

[plan; second level]

[longitudinal section]

[3d detail of the structure]

[3d printed model of a part of the building]

[construction detail]

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